Top Toilet Care Tips

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When it comes to maintaining a functional and efficient bathroom, you can rely on your local plumber in Hazelton, PA for toilet care tips. Ensuring that your toilet is in optimal condition not only promotes hygiene. It also prevents costly plumbing issues down the line. There are proper care tips you need to take note of to prevent toilet issues.

Regular Cleaning

Consistent cleaning is important to keep your toilet in top shape. Use mild cleaning agents to avoid damaging the porcelain or any internal components.

Harsh chemicals can deteriorate the toilet’s finish and cause plumbing issues. Also don’t use hot or boiling water at any time or else it will lead to broken or cracked toilets.

For malfunctions or hard water deposits, check with professional plumbing repair services. Do not do any DIY steps to avoid damaging the toilet.

Avoid Flushing Non-Biodegradable Items

One common mistake many homeowners make is using the toilet as a garbage disposal. Flushing items like paper towels, feminine products, or baby wipes lead to nasty clogs, backups, or worse. While it might seem convenient at the moment, it can result in costly repairs and potential damage to your plumbing system. Always use the toilet for its intended purpose and dispose of human waste only.

Regular Inspections

Periodic checks identify potential problems before they escalate into major issues. Check for leaks around the base of the toilet or any unusual noises when flushing. Call your trusted local plumbing company for a thorough inspection to address any underlying issues promptly.

Maintaining Toilet Components

Over time, toilet components like the flapper, fill valve, or flush handle can wear out and affect the toilet’s performance. Regularly inspecting and maintaining these parts extends the toilet’s lifespan and prevents unexpected breakdowns. A licensed plumber can guide you on proper maintenance techniques and recommend quality replacement parts when necessary.

Proper toilet care is essential for maintaining a functional and hygienic bathroom environment. In case of repairs and replacements, there is only one toilet expert in town. Call the trusted name in plumbing and toilet repairs and installations, American Rooter.

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