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When to Consider Excavation

There can be a number of signs that indicate plumbing excavation is the best course of action for your home or business. Below are some signs that it may be time to consider excavation:

  • Recurring clogs that get worse with time

  • Puddles of water are forming around your property

  • You notice uneven draining in your sinks and tubs

  • Trenchless plumbing solutions are not viable options.

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Understanding the Different Types

Sewer line excavation is often used to repair or replace sewer lines when a sewer pipe has either suffered a lot of damage or has become severely deformed. Trenchless pipe lining solutions can repair pipes in some cases, but when a sewer line has started to develop large leaks or bellies, excavation and replacement may be the best solution.

Water line excavation is often required for the installation of a new line or a full replacement for an existing line. Trenchless solutions are not usually viable for water lines, but our plumbers will provide you with options based on our evaluation.

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Excavation in Water Line Installation and Upgrades

Excavation for your water line may be necessary in cases of severe damage to a line that can’t be remedied using trenchless techniques. After all, excavation can quickly get to the root of plumbing problems to fix them fast. Upgrades may also require excavation, but our excavation contractor will be happy to provide you with an evaluation and estimate.

Costs and Considerations

Sewer excavation is often needed when a sewer line is severely damaged and a large length of pipe needs to be replaced. Our excavation experts will provide you with options after we’ve completed a full inspection of your sewer so that you can make informed choices for your home in Harleigh.

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