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Drain clogs often form slowly over time, but they can be caused by sudden obstructions as well. Make American Rooter your trusted partner for drain cleaning in Nescopeck, PA. Our experienced plumbing specialists respond to drain emergencies seven days a week, providing friendly service and competitive upfront pricing.

Before and After Drain Cleaning

What Causes Clogs?

You may end up needing drain snaking when any of the following causes an obstruction:

  • Food and cooking grease

  • Kitchen waste and paper products

  • Built-up limescale that causes a narrowing of your pipes

  • Hair and waste from bathroom products

The Importance of Routine Drain Cleaning

When you have your drains cleaned on a regular basis, you can learn about potential threats and have them removed before they completely become clogged. Regular drain cleaning services are a good idea for homeowners and business owners who have experienced clogs in the past.

Things like corrosion inside your pipes can increase the risk of clogs, but regular sewer cleaning can keep your pipes flowing. Make sure to count on an expert team instead of doing it yourself, however. DIY drain cleaning can do more harm than good.

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The Main Indications

If you’re concerned that you may have a clogged drain, there are some things you can watch for that may indicate a problem. Below are some common signs you need to contact a professional for drain cleaning services:

  • Your shower or tub doesn’t drain

  • Drain openings and areas around your drains emit a foul odor

  • Water drains slowly and bubbles as it goes down

  • Your pipes make thumping and bumping noises while draining

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How Hydro Jetting Works

When you’re faced with a serious obstruction like root intrusion in your drain lines, hydro jetting technology is often used to cut through it. This technology relies on focused, high-pressure water that can be used inside your drain lines to break through obstructions that drain snaking can’t handle.

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Choosing the Right Drain Cleaning Crew

Local area homeowners and business owners rely on American Rooter for all their drain cleaning needs. Below are some of the reasons why we’re known as the expert drain cleaning company:

  • Availability
    Our crew is available seven days a week
  • Quality Service
    You always receive a satisfaction guarantee with every service call
  • Skilled Plumbing Contractor
    Our team is hand-selected from among the best drain cleaning technicians
  • NuFlow Certified
    We’re a NuFlow Certified Contractor

When You Need the Best in Drain Cleaning, Call Us Right Away

American Rooter is standing by to provide rooter services and solve your drain issues. Let’s get your pipes flowing. Call our team or fill out the online form today and find out why we are the best when it comes to drain cleaning in Nescopeck, PA. We also provide: