The Preferred Provider of Excavation Services in Lattimer, PA

When it comes to excavation for your plumbing system, you can’t trust just anyone to do the work. American Rooter has been the premier provider of excavation services in Lattimer, PA, for years. We’re available seven days a week.

Our experts are equipped with the latest in technology to address sewer and water line concerns with pinpoint accuracy. This means our excavation contractor is able to minimize disruption to your property in Lattimer.

Excavation Services

Types of Excavation Available

Plumbing excavation may involve your water line, sewer line, or both. Trenchless services may also be able to be used alongside excavation in some situations, which is why our plumbing experts will provide you with all available options after completing your comprehensive evaluation.

Water line excavation is what we recommend when there is a leak or other issues affecting the performance of your existing water line. Rest assured that the service will be efficient and won’t be unnecessarily disruptive.

When sewer-related problems are a cause for concern, trenchless services are our first option. However, when the pipes are not stable enough for pipe lining or any other minimally invasive approach, sewer line excavation will be the best option.

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Signs of Water and Sewer Line Problems

While trenchless sewer repair is often a great choice, sewer excavation is an option we recommend under the right conditions. Below are several reasons why it may make sense to choose excavation over trenchless services:

  • When a sewer line is damaged beyond repair

  • When extreme pipe bellies or pitch errors have developed

  • When a whole new sewer line needs to be installed

  • When water lines need to be upgraded

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The Role of Excavation in Water Line Issues

Water line excavation is usually the best choice for extensive water line work. Trenchless techniques and tools are often reserved for pipes and drain lines, but water line replacement will usually require underground excavation services.

Sewer Line Excavation Considerations

Sewer line excavation costs can vary based on how complex a job is and the conditions surrounding the excavation site. Our team will always complete an inspection before providing solutions, and we’ll let you know what you can expect to pay before any work begins.

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Why Hire Our Excavation Specialists

American Rooter is the team to trust for underground excavation and other sewer services in Lattimer. We use the latest equipment to target trouble areas, minimizing the amount of digging we need to do. This also means your property gets back to looking like it did before excavation faster.

Below are several more reasons to rely on American Rooter:

  • Emergency Service Available
    We’re available on your schedule for emergency service
  • No-Dig Solutions
    We provide trenchless services in addition to excavation
  • American Water Resources
    We’re partnered with American Water Resources
  • Transparent Pricing
    We always deliver upfront competitive pricing

For Comprehensive, Targeted Excavation Services, Contact Us Right Away

To work with an expert who can provide lasting results, contact American Rooter. Schedule any of our excavation services in Lattimer, PA, by calling us. You may also fill out the online form to reach out to our team.