When Are Traditional Plumbing And Sewer Excavation Methods Applicable?

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Excavation services in Scranton, PA apply to certain situations in plumbing and sewer line issues. While trenchless technologies have become popular due to their non-invasive nature, there are instances where traditional excavation is the most suitable solution.

Water Line Issues

Traditional excavation methods are necessary in certain situations. If the water line is deep underground or around challenging terrain, excavation is the most practical approach. It is also the only way to replace water lines with your preferred material. Excavation also removes the entire damaged pipe without any remnants.

Water line excavation allows technicians to access the affected area directly. It’s easier when addressing complex issues and ensuring the integrity of the water supply system. While it may involve more extensive work, it can offer a reliable solution for resolving severe water line issues. It can also be cheaper in many cases, as long as the excavation area is manageable.

Traditional Methods For Sewer Line Issues

Sewer line excavation is the best solution for certain sewer line problems. There are times when trenchless methods won’t work for issues often covered by trenchless methods such as tree root intrusion, collapsed pipes, or extensive damage.

Excavation provides specialists with direct access to the sewer line. This is the best solution when replacing sewer lines with a certain type of pipe material, or when the job is too complex for trenchless methods.

Traditional excavation involves more disruption and more time than trenchless sewer repair methods. But it also offers a long-term solution for resolving challenging sewer line issues. This method only applies when it is permissible to dig out a certain section of the property.

Selecting The Right Approach

Determining whether traditional excavation methods are applicable requires a thorough assessment of the specific issue. Factors such as the depth and location of the pipes, the extent of the damage, and the condition of the plumbing system can influence the decision.

Consult with an experienced excavation contractor to get the best assessment of the situation. Call the local specialists who can provide you with options, American Rooter. Our extensive experience in both traditional and trenchless methods makes us the go-to.

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