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For professional excavation services in Berwick, PA, there’s only one name to call – American Rooter! We’ve provided comprehensive excavation solutions in the community for years. That is why our clients love working with our friendly, knowledgeable experts.

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Plumbing excavation involves digging up and repairing or extracting and installing sewer and water lines. This type of sewer and drain repair is usually done when trenchless services are not good options. Water line services that require excavation may be the best solution when a new line needs to be installed to replace or upgrade an existing water line.

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Spot the Water and Sewer Line Problems

While our plumbing professionals always provide a comprehensive evaluation before recommending underground excavation, below are some signs that it may be necessary:

  • You have serious damage to a line necessitating full replacement

  • Trenchless solutions aren’t feasible

  • Large sections of sewer pipe need to be replaced

  • You want to upgrade or add a new water line

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Excavation is Pivotal in Installation and Upgrades

A water line excavation is recommended to remove lines and replace them. In some cases, we may be able to excavate sections of a water line to repair it, but full excavation is almost always necessary when replacing an entire water line.

We provide thorough sewer line excavation services in situations where a sewer pipe needs to be completely replaced. While trenchless services are the most efficient choice for repair, excavation often makes more financial sense when an entire pipe needs to be installed.

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Berwick residents choose American Rooter for water line or sewer excavation because:

  • Availability
    We provide on-time service on your schedule
  • Availability

    Our sewer excavation team has years of experience

  • Emergency Service Available
    We’re here for you seven days a week for emergency service
  • Quality Service
    We take every precaution to minimize disruptions to your property

For Superior Excavation Solutions, We Are Your Trusted Partner

When you need excavation services in Berwick, PA, rely on an excavation contractor from American Rooter to serve you. Schedule an appointment with our specialists by calling us or filling out the online form. We also provide: