Sewer Line Problems You Can Solve Via Excavation

Sewer line excavation

Sewer line problems can be a homeowner’s nightmare. With the extensive damage and oftentimes complex repair procedures needed, it can disrupt your daily routine in a big way. While some issues can be resolved with less invasive methods, certain problems require sewer line excavation for a permanent solution.

Here are some common sewer line issues that you can address when you call for excavation services in Scranton, PA.

Severe Blockages and Clogs

Over time, debris, grease, and foreign objects can accumulate in your sewer lines, leading to severe blockages. When traditional cleaning methods like snaking or hydro jetting fail to clear the obstruction, an underground excavation may be necessary. By accessing the affected area directly, professionals can remove the blockage and restore proper flow.

Tree Root Infiltration

Tree roots are a major cause of sewer line damage. They can infiltrate pipes through small cracks or joints, growing and expanding inside, eventually causing blockages and even pipe bursts. A plumbing excavation allows technicians to remove invasive roots and repair or replace the damaged sections of the sewer line, preventing future issues.

Collapsed or Broken Pipes

Sewer lines, especially those made of older materials like clay or cast iron, can deteriorate over time, leading to cracks, breaks, or even complete collapses. These issues are often beyond the scope of trenchless repair methods. Sewer line excavation procedures provide direct access to the damaged pipes, allowing for thorough inspection, removal, and replacement, ensuring the integrity of your sewer system.

Misaligned or Sagging Pipes

Ground shifting, erosion, or poor installation can cause sewer pipes to become misaligned or sag, creating dips where waste can accumulate and cause blockages. A sewer excavation may be necessary to realign or replace these sections, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow through the sewer line.

Extensive Corrosion

Corrosion can weaken pipes, leading to leaks and structural failures. When corrosion is widespread, spot repairs are insufficient. Water line excavation procedures allow for the removal of severely corroded pipes and the installation of new, more durable materials, prolonging the life of your sewer system.

When sewer line problems demand excavation, it’s crucial to rely on an experienced excavation contractor to handle the job efficiently and effectively. At American Rooter, we specialize in sewer line excavation services, addressing even the most challenging plumbing issues with expertise and care. Schedule a service today to ensure your sewer system is in top condition!

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