We Also Specialize in Excavation Services in Bloomsburg, PA

We often rely on no-dig solutions to solve plumbing concerns. Nevertheless, excavation can be a powerful tool when trenchless services aren’t a good solution. The trusted specialists at American Rooter are proud to provide the most comprehensive excavation services in Bloomsburg, PA.

Excavation Services

A Look at Excavations

Sewer lines and water lines are two types of plumbing channels that may require a plumbing excavation. Before we begin any work, we use advanced inspection equipment to find and target areas for service to avoid unnecessary digging. We remove any guesswork from the process, assuring you of the best possible course of action for each project.

Aside from being a top local excavation contractor, American Rooter can also be counted upon for:

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When to Take Excavation into Account

If you’re wondering whether underground excavation for a water or sewer line is the answer, below are some scenarios where it makes the most sense:

  • When a water line needs to be completely replaced

  • When trenchless services are not cost-effective

  • When a sewer pipe has experienced severe damage

  • When you are upgrading a water line or need a new line installed

Excavation for Water Line Installation and Upgrades

Water lines don’t often benefit from trenchless technology in the same way that sewer pipes do. These lines are narrow, so working inside them isn’t an option. If we do need to perform a water line excavation for repair, we always try to minimize the area of digging to avoid messes as much as possible.

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A Sound Sewer Solution

When it comes to sewer line excavation, these solutions often work best when it is more efficient to dig than to use minimally invasive methods. These scenarios may involve sewer pipes that have been heavily damaged due to pressure over time or when a sewer pipe has greatly shifted underground.

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Why Work With Our Crew

Bloomsburg homeowners and business owners turn to our sewer excavation team because:

  • Emergency Service Available
    We offer emergency service seven days a week
  • No-Dig Solutions
    Our advanced inspection equipment minimizes disruptions by pinpointing areas to excavate
  • Transparent Pricing
    We provide competitive pricing and always give free estimates
  • Skilled Plumbing Contractor

    Each of our excavation specialists brings experience and dedication to every service call

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